A cake is a cake of course, of course!

No, I do not mean that all cakes are created equal. A Italian cream cake from a chain grocery store has nothing on my grannies scratch recipe that I use! NO WAY! What I mean by this, is that all of my pricing is the same. A 3 tier cake for a baby shower and a 3 tier cake for a wedding start at the same price. Who said a wedding cake should be more expensive, just because of where it will be served? A cake is a cake, who cares where it’s cut! Check out the video below, it’s a funny example of the price gouging that goes on when someone hears the word “wedding”.


Of course there are factors that will increase the per serving price of a cake. These can include specialty cake flavors or fillings, intricate decorations or piping, and so on. So what I’m saying is, that just because it’s a cake that will be served at a wedding reception, doesn’t mean it needs to be 3x the price of a “regular” cake. That’s just wrong.


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