When to cut the cake?!

I have heard so many stories from guests of weddings past about the cake cutting ceremony. Just about every guest I have talked to, looks forward to the wedding cake, whether it is eating it, seeing it, or both. It’s the centerpiece of your reception!

The votes were unanimous. Everyone felt that the cake cutting was badly scheduled. I have been to two weddings lately where I made the cake and was also a guest. One wedding had 180 guests in attendance for the better part of the evening. She ordered cake for 160, taking into account my recommendation that not everyone there will eat cake. (This will be my next blog topic!) the beautiful bride and handsome groom said I Do, pictures were taken, the bar was open, dinner was great, the toasts were touching, the guests were dancing and having a great time. Then the cake was cut. They had to stop the music and gather everyone’s attention. By this hour, there were only 60 guests to enjoy the cake cutting ceremony and wedding cakes. Most everyone had already left, without cake!
The most recent wedding I went to was completely different. As the guests were sitting down eating, the bride and groom cut the cake while having everyone’s attention. Then the cake was immediately cut and served while all the guests were still seated, finishing up their meal. This was a wedding with a little over 500 guests at the reception and the cake performed exactly as it was supposed to.

So here’s my point. Cut your cake while your guests are sitting down eating dinner. The bride and groom eat first and are usually finished before everyone else has eaten, been served or gone through the buffet line. Talk to your planner or coordinator if you have one. If you wait until late in the evening, a lot of your guests have left, leaving you with an unnecessary amount of leftover cake (wasted $), and guests who are disappointed that they didn’t get any cake!


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