Custom Cake Faq’s

*When do I need to place my order?

We recommend placing your order as soon as you know the date for your event. This ensures availability. Sometimes we can work a cake in with a week’s notice, often times we are booked weeks or months in advance. There is no such thing as too early, but there is too late.

*How do I place an order?

We love to talk face to face, but realize this isn’t always possible. You are welcome to call or email us. Any emails sent to us should be followed up with a phone call to assure that it was received. Please have the date your order is needed, along with any inspiration for the order when you place it. NO ORDER IS CONSIDERED BOOKED UNTIL A 50% DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID! Just because we talked about an order, doesn’t mean it’s booked.

*Do you have cakes readily available?

No. All of our cakes are made to order. This is also why we don’t offer same day or next day custom cakes.

*What cake flavors and fillings do you offer?

Please see our flavors and fillings tab for our selections!

*How much for a custom cake!?!

This is the most common questions asked by customers. People have an idea in their head that they want this elaborate tiered, carved, hand painted or extremely detailed cake, but are accustomed to chain grocery store prices. That’s not possible. All of our cakes are made to order, and are not mass-produced in a factory  to sit in a freezer for who knows how long. Our cakes are custom-made for each client, and require an investment of time. You are essentially purchasing an edible work of art.

*What else do you make?

We also offer gourmet cupcakes and hand decorated sugar cookies to accompany orders that meet our minimum.

*Do you deliver?

Delivery is always available for a nominal fee.

*Can I pick my cake up?

Of course. While we make sure that your edible creation is as solid and road worthy as possible, we are not responsible for it once it leaves our shop. Cakes MUST sit level, such as in the cargo area of a suv, or the trunk of a car. Setting a cake in your seat or someone’s lap is unacceptable, and will almost always result in a ruined cake. You must drive as though you have a cake in your car!

*What is your cancellation policy?

All orders cancelled prior to the week they are due, will be refunded 50% of their deposit (25% of the total price of the cake).                             There is NO REFUND FOR ORDERS CANCELLED THE WEEK OF THE EVENT.

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